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Abu Dhabi Property

What kind of Abu Dhabi property does the company “Webridge Properties” offer?

Considering real estate with a long perspective of the future – Abu Dhabi is the right place for such purposes. Many people consider Abu Dhabi because many nationalities are concentrated in this place, everyone will have the opportunity to learn about the traditions of other peoples, get acquainted with world cuisines, learn about the ways of life, and much more.

There is no crime in Abu Dhabi and this is not an advertising slogan, buying real estate here – you can be sure of your safety by leaving cars unlocked, putting purely symbolic locks on the doors of your house, and leaving things unattended. Everyone will feel at home anywhere and not worry about their safety.

This is the best place for business, great prospects, and opportunities. Abu Dhabi is a great place to build a profitable business.

There is an opportunity to immigrate with the whole family, which makes the purchase of real estate more attractive and helps to avoid any difficulties with documents.

The banking system of the United Arab Emirates is renowned for its reliability. Many people dream of opening a bank account in the UAE, but most residents manage it. If you are going to move to Abu Dhabi, then you have already taken care of the resident visa. The presence of such a document will allow you to open an account with the bank where you want. And, if not citizens are offered only a cumulative type of account, you will not face such restrictions, having the opportunity to open the type of account you need.

Good specialists in the UAE are valued, including in monetary terms. If you are a sought-after professional, then you will not have any problems with finding a job. Rather, on the contrary – you will earn enough here both for the future of your children and for your own comfortable old age.

If good weather all year round is important, then this is definitely about Abu Dhabi and real estate in this place will contribute to your great mood every day.

How to buy on Abu Dhabi property

Diva at the bay

Developer based in Abu Dhabi, Webridge Properties has initiated a residential project called “Diva at the bay”. The complex is a 13-story residential building, most of the apartments have a view of the Arabian Blue Sea. Diva at the Bay is ideally located among restaurants, schools, green parks, cafes, and mosques.

The ideal location emphasizes being close to places such as Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi, Warner Bros ™ World Abu Dhabi, Clymb ™ Abu Dhabi. Also nearby are the shopping places Pier71, Etihad Arena, The Fountains At Yas Mall, Yas Mall. Wonderful places to stay are very close, namely: Yas Beach, Yas Marina, Yas Links. And of course Abu Dhabi Intl Airport, The Louvre, On Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi City Center.

Yas Bay will soon become the most popular destination for everyone on the Abu Dhabi waterfront. It is here that everyone can get those same unforgettable sensations and delights in every moment. After the completion of the construction of the Yas Bay, about 15 thousand residents and more than 10 thousand specialists from all over the world will be attracted.

Al maryah vista

A place without city noise and extraneous thoughts, around clean city lines, simple shapes, and, of course, natural colors, this all creates an ideal soothing atmosphere where everyone can restore their balance and enjoy every minute of being here.

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi is located absolutely nearby, where you can receive top-level services. Nearby, 10 minutes away, is The Galleria Al Maryah Island, which contains an assortment of the world’s best brands. 5 minutes away is Abu Dhabi Mall, a great place to spend your free time. Abu Dhabi Intl Airport is 25 minutes drive from the hotel.

What documents are required to purchase?

Real estate in Dubai for residential units and you must provide the following documents:

To purchase a residential unit, you must provide the following documents:

• Applications for real estate appraisal;

• It is necessary to compose and send a letter from the owner;

• Copy of passport / Emirates ID;

• A copy of the municipal card (one year) or plan card;

• Information about the built-up area (in the case of buying a built-up property);

• Indication of the number of properties/units;

• Report on expenses for the last 3 years;

• Letter of no objection from the main developer;

•Contract of sale.

When buying a property, the buyer and seller must make sure that all documents are correct and legal. You need to read the original title deed. The buyer also has the right to request a no-objection certificate.

The process from signing the sales contract to the full transfer of ownership can take about 30 days.

May 18, 2021
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