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Caring for the health and wellbeing of our communities

A Different Way is about supporting change for the better and it’s our way of delivering leadership and value. It’s about enabling people to have a positive, healthy, and connected experience while also enhancing the places that they love. Sustainability truly matters.

Ensuring healthy, balanced places.

Our target remains the same as any other property developer, namely to deliver a high-quality product that meets market demand and which also benefits the community via job opportunities, urban renewal, and increased economic activity.

Webridge Destinations
Our developments are known for their quality, generous proportions, and thoughtful details. Whether it’s by integrating sustainable products and materials, pioneering intuitive technologies, including a community garden, or restoring heritage elements, we make every decision with our customers in mind. More than bricks and mortar, these are places where people can live happily, work productively and connect easily.